Spotlight On: Sarah-Jane Butterfield


Sarah-Jane Butterfield is the epitome of passion when it comes to Flori Roberts.   As soon as she speaks, you hear and feel her passion.  She does not see what she does as work. Sarah-Jane resides in Nassau, Bahamas with her husband, Valentino of 8 months and their four beautiful children.  

Sarah-Jane works full-time for BTC, a telecommunications company in their franchise division.  This is where Sarah-Jane has acquired the majority of her clients, based on them seeing the change in her skin and makeup since she started with Flori.  Sarah-Jane was a dedicated Mac user prior to being recruited by Charmaine Forbes.  After Sarah-Jane tried Flori and discovered that she no longer needed to use a concealer with her foundation to get the coverage she was looking for, it was a wrap.  She received so many compliments from co-workers and people on the street, there was no question in her mind that she had made the right decision.  Sarah-Jane’s customers constantly tell her that they cannot believe how natural, yet flawless their face looks and feels with Flori Roberts.

Sarah-Jane says her recruiting strategy is “I am always looking for women that would benefit from using my products”.  She lives by being a product of the product and believes that when you look great wearing the products, others will want to do the same. Sarah-Jane has learned not to allow the word “No” to negatively impact her.  Sarah-Jane has customers that do not wear foundation, so she sells them the Flori Oil Blotting powder.  Her “powder only” customers rave about the fact that they don’t have to touch up during the day.

Sarah-Jane took the Quick Start challenge and decided that she would go for the $500 bonus by selling $1500 over 60 days and sponsoring 5 that sell $600 each in the same time frame.  Sarah-Jane more than doubled the personal sales requirement coming in with sales of $3300.  Sarah-Jane has now promoted to a Manager and is thrilled about her future.

Congratulations Sarah-Jane on earning the Quick Start bonus and promoting to a Manager.  Keep doing what you are doing.  It’s working!

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