Sarita Thomas: The Million Dollar Makeup Lady


Sarita Thomas consistently has sales of $2500 or more.  Sarita started her Flori Roberts and Color Me Beautiful business in 2013 after being introduced to the products by her sister, Sheena Wallace.   Sarita was not an easy sell on the products because she has very sensitive skin and was always reluctant to try anything new.

Sarita has never been big on wearing makeup, but always wanted to care for her skin.  Natural products were always her preference.  Sheena finally convinced her sister to try Flori Roberts.  Because Sarita always had a probem with lip glosses drying out her lips, her first experience with Flori was Latte Lip Lacquer.  It worked and she loved it!  Now, Sarita was ready to try the skin care, one product at a time.  Sarita has found what she calls her “Glory be” products which are Flori’s My Everything Cream, Arpel’s Vegetable Peel Off, Microderm Cleaner and Papaya Scrub.

Before starting her Flori Roberts business, Sarita and her husband owned an Aromatherpy Manufacturing company and a Health Food Store.  Sarita is trained as a respiratory therapist and life coach. Today, Sarita is a proud stay at home Mom.

When asked what she does to manage and grow her business, here’s what Sarita shared. Sarita tracks the makeup trends through blogs, Pinterst and other sites. Sarita loves to teach and uses this gift to train her clients to stay current and shows them how to tie into what’s trending, and make it appropriate for them. Sarita says she is a “google fanatic”, which helps her stay up on what’s current in the beauty field.

Sarita sells the seasonal color fans to mothers looking to help their young children learn colors and turns anyone that is looking for a color analysis over to her sister, Sheena who has been trained in color analysis.

For 2016, Sarita has decided to go “full force” with her business and is planning on building a bigger and better business.  Sarita has already started her 7 year old daughter on the path to entrepreneurship and plans on branding herself and her daughter as the “Million Dollar Makeup Lady and Baby”.  Sarita sees Social Media as key to building her brand and is ready to take her piece of the multi-billion dollar beauty industry.  Congratulations Sarita!

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