Spotlight On: Regina Jackson


One of Amanda’s team members is makeup artist extraordinaire, Regina Jackson of Greenwood, South Carolina. Regina has a passion for beauty that is in clear view for everyone to see and feel.  Regina posts her fabulous makeovers on CMB Direct regularly and gets the attention of everyone with her before and after shots.  

In 2015, Regina started posting and showcasing her beautiful makeovers on the CMB Direct FB page and caught the eye of Sharon B.  First stop for Sharon was the sales report.  Next stop for Sharon was a phone call to Regina to find out what Regina’s goals were for her business. After a couple of conversations, Sharon was convinced that if she could get Regina to see and hear how to close the sale after the makeover, Regina would see another side to her passion.

After some prodding from both Sharon and Amanda, Regina decided to attend Amanda’s regional conference last October.  For Regina, this was the turning point.  Regina is now doing some training and is listed with some veteran top sellers and is not looking back.

Regina, we are proud of you and look forward to how you will help other make-up artists turn their passion for makeup and doing makeovers into profit. Check out the Color Me Direct Facebook page to see some of Regina’s work.  Congratulations Regina!

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