Spotlight On: Charmaine Minick


Charmaine Minick has promoted herself to Manager and is excited about the additional commissions and bonuses that comes with the title. Charmaine has also been a top recruiter every month in 2016. Charmaine resides in Columbia SC and is a Billing Manager at a Law Firm by day.  In the evening and on the weekends, Charmaine enjoys sharing her passion for Flori Roberts with others.

Charmaine joined the Color Me Beautiful family in 2007 primarily because she loved the Flori Roberts products. Charmaine’s Mother allowed her to start using Flori Roberts as a Senior in high school. Charmaine’s classmates noticed the difference as soon as she stepped into the classroom after summer break. Charmaine has been hooked on Flori ever since.

Charmaine admits that between 2007 and 2014 she was distracted and her heart was not in her beauty business. One thing that did get her attention was that she was getting a commission check on purchases that people were making on her website. Charmaine says “the light bulb came on” two years ago and she decided to be intentional about working her business. Charmaine also acknowledges the fact that during her unproductive years, she was not connected to a team. Charmaine connected with the “Shooting Stars” team led by Senior Director, Amanda Williams which has been a tremendous help for her as well. Charmaine has started doing meetings in her market as another way to training and working with her team.

We celebrate Charmaine on her promotion to Manager, her recruiting success and for how she is leading her team of entrepreneurs.

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