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Consider your friends and acquaintances who enjoy helping others look and feel great and want to earn extra income. Share the benefits of owning a home-based business vs having a part-time job where their time is controlled by someone else. It’s about freedom and flexibility.


We can help you sponsor by explaining the business opportunity. Encourage those who want to know more to call our 24/7 Opportunity Line. The call is recorded and is approximately 9 minutes in duration. The number is 1-515-604-1424. The access code is 661108##. Be sure to call your prospective team member after they have listened to the call and answer their questions and assist them with signing up in the business

As you introduce others to the Arpel, CMB and Flori Roberts products and business opportunity, it’s likely they will want more information. Contact your sponsor or schedule a coaching call with one of our Career Counselors who can assist you with developing others.

You can enroll others by going to your CMB Direct shopping site and clicking on Enroll Now or you can use the Consultant Agreement below and fax it to Customer Service. It’s quick and easy.

Consultant Sponsoring Tools


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