Sponsoring Salons, Boutiques and Kiosks

This is an exciting opportunity for you as a leader. Some of our salons are selling $4,000 or more a month. And, some kiosks are selling up to $20,000 a month. We have leaders who are earning as much as $350 per retailer per month from leadership commissions.

Salons and Boutiques:

Salons & Boutiques are welcome to join Color Me Beautiful.  To do so, they must complete a new Consultant Application and purchase a Career Pack.  They are strongly encouraged to place an initial order of their choosing to begin the sales process and earn retail profits.  They may also sponsor other Salons or Boutiques or Consultants to generate commissions based on the published Color Me Beautiful Career Plan.

Salon Presentation


Welcome Letter

License Agreement

Color Me Beautiful Kiosks and Specialty Retailers:

You may sponsor individuals who want to open their own Color Me Beautiful kiosk or in-line store. Because the kiosk and specialty retailers (including in-line stores) are the flagships and highly visible with the Color Me Beautiful name, it is important that their training, merchandising and product assortment be consistent.

Therefore, all entrepreneurs who want to open a kiosk or in-line store, whose primary objective is to carry Color Me Beautiful products, must go through the Company’s training program, sign a Specialty Retailer License Agreement and abide by the Company’s Specialty Retailer policies.