Be In The Know


  • Effective now only active Consultants receive commissions on online sales.  An inactive Consultant can always order inventory and will receive a discount based on the order size.  She can also order on the brand site and use the promo code that is applicable.
  • Effective now when a customer places an order on the brand site and lists the name of the Consultant, that customer will be connected to that Consultant with or without the customer putting the Consultant name in.  The customer must register, sign in with her password and make a purchase listing you as her Consultant to initiate the connection.
  • A reminder that when a Consultant places an order on the brand site and it ships to the Consultant address, the order will be treated as a Consultant order.  AYS commissions will not be paid on top of the brand site discounts.  AYS Commissions will be paid only on orders that ship to the customer that are placed on the brand sites.
  • Effective now, there is 1 catalog included in the career starter kits