Sponsoring/Reactivating Incentive

You and your new or reactivated team member can earn a beautiful Limited Edition scarf accompanied with 2 matching Lip Lift Conditioners when you sponsor a new Consultant or reactivate a Consultant and both you and your team member each do a minimum of $300 retail.


          Grow Your Team In 2023              

Advance to The Next Rank And Get Paid At the Next Higher Rank.  Move from a Consultant to Sr. Consultant, Get Paid As Executive ConsultantMove from Sr. Consultant to Ex. Consultant, Get Paid As a Manager.  Your team can grow from sponsoring and or reactivating a former Consultant. Higher commissions come with the higher ranks.


Selling Incentive

An Exciting 2-Part Quick Start Bonus Plan For New and Reactivating Consultants

START YOUR BUSINESS OFF RIGHT! Earn FREE Products For Selling In Your First 60 Days

Sell $300 and receive $25.00 in FREE products.

Sell $500 and receive $50.00 in FREE products.

Sell $1,000 and receive $100.00 in FREE products.

Sell $1,500 and receive $150 in Free products.


For All Consultants, Make Extra Money

For 6th Consultant and above sponsored who has sales of $500 in their first 60 days , as long as you are active, you will receive $100 CASH each!

When you sponsor and follow the career plan, extra commissions and bonuses can be earned in April and May. See Career Plan for additional sales requirements.

Note: Multiple incentives cannot be earned in the same month.