Frequently Asked Questions

What are the start up costs?

Starter kit prices range from $65.50 to $631.  Visit and look under Business Builders and Career Starter Kits to see the individual kit prices and contents.

Will I have a website?

You receive a free website for your first 30 days after signing up.  The cost is $11.95 per month ($12.95 in the state of Texas) after the free period expires.  You must register your site to keep the site in operation.

How do I sign up to be a Consultant?

The preferred method is online through your sponsor’s website.  If you don’t have a sponsor, you can sign up on and a sponsor can be selected later.

How much commission or profit can I make when I sell?

You can earn 30% on all online sales up to $999.99.  Once your sales hit $1000, your commissions increase to 40%.

When and how am I paid commissions?

We deposit your commissions in your PayPal account  between the 5th and 10th of each month.  You will need to set up a PayPal account and make sure we have the email associated with your account.

Is inventory a requirement?

No.  Carrying inventory is your choice.

What is my wholesale cost if I do order inventory?

25% Off for orders under $100 retail.  35% off for orders $100 to $299.99 retail.  40% off for orders $300-$499.99 retail.  50% off for orders $500 and up.  A $500 order will cost you $250 plus s/h. Free products are earned starting at the $300 order level which increase your gross profit.

Are there minimum sales requirements to be a Consultant?

In order to receive commissions on your online sales, you must be an active Consultant.   In order to become active immediately which we suggest, you need to get $300 in orders from others and receive a $90 commission check the next month or place a $300 retail order and pay $150 which is a 50% discount plus shipping.  Your $300 in sales or orders will keep you active for 90 days.

If you sponsor others in the business and want to receive commissions and bonuses based on their success, there are minimum sales requirements. See Career Plan Overview under Training on

What does active mean?

Active means that you are treating your business like a business instead of a hobby by being consistent with the sales and marketing of your business.  The requirements for being active are $300 retail every 90 days.  For example. You start your business in January and you do online sales or a Consultant order of $300 retail, you will be considered active until the end of March.