The History Of Our Brands


Known as a leading authority on color and image, Color Me Beautiful launched its complete cosmetics and skin care brands in the late 1980s as a result of the overwhelming success of the book by the same name.  Color Me Beautiful became a #1 best-selling paperback, remaining on the New York Times best-sell list for seven years, selling over 13 million copies.  In fact, Color Me Beautiful was the all-time New York Times trade paperback best seller until 1995.

For over two decades, Color Me Beautiful has become a popular cosmetic brand using the power of color to help women achieve their full beauty potential.  Color Me Beautiful has continuously refined and expanded its system to reflect and cater to the changing needs of women.  It is known for the best makeup colors available anywhere to coordinate with one’s eye and hair color and skin tone.  As such, it is a highly personalized brand.  In addition, Color Me Beautiful has highly effective prestige skin care products with the highest quality and technological advances in beauty treatments.



In 1965, Flori Roberts was the first cosmetics brands developed specifically for women of color.  This was a big step towards giving African American women a prestigious line of diverse color cosmetics and skin care formulated and shade selected specifically for them.  And, Flori Roberts was the first brand of cosmetics for women of color to be sold in major department stores.

In 1992, Flori Roberts launched My Everything Crème, the first upscale multi-purpose facial treatment specifically formulated to address the unique aging process of black women 30+.  It was an instant success.

Today, despite Flori Roberts’ department store heritage and name recognition, it is sold almost exclusively through Color Me Beautiful’s direct selling and mall kiosk entrepreneurs.  Flori Roberts has a comprehensive range of quality color cosmetics that include foundations, face powders, blush, eye and lip makeup.  Flori Roberts is recognized as the premier cosmetic brand for black women.  The brand is also synonymous with serious skin care and launched the first-ever skin care using Emblica – a plant extract – which is a dramatically effective and natural way to even-out skin tone, fade discolorations and brighten the skin.



Adrien Arpel was founded in 1962 and was sold throughout Europe’s best beauty spas.  In 1968, Arpel began to be sold in department store beauty salons in the United States.  Based on this experience, Adrien Arpel, Inc. was first to provide affordable facials in prestige beauty salons across the country.  These facial services established the Adrien Arpel brand as a leader in the field of high quality skincare.

In the mid-1970s, Adrien Arpel was launched in the cosmetics department of Bloomingdale’s New York.  And then, later in other fine department stores.  Adrien Arpel became the only skin care line with adjacent facial rooms and, as such, brought a salon-type customer service to the cosmetic department.  In 1994, Adrien Arpel products were introduced on the Home Shopping Network.  Today, Adrien Arpel is sold almost exclusively through Color Me Beautiful’s direct sales and mall kiosk entrepreneurs.

The beauty of Adrien Arpel lies in the genius blend of textures, fragrances and effective ingredients which delight the senses while beautifying the face and body.  Adrien Arpel is recognized as a world leader in skin care technology, especially anti-aging products.  Today, Adrien Arpel enjoys continued success and a loyal customer base as one of the top skin care lines consistently launching cutting edge skin care products.



The impression you get of Beverly Hills is obvious.  From the very glamorous to the trend-setting elite, the women of Beverly Hills boast a quality found nowhere else in the world: an ageless appearance, a beauty that transcends time.  No one understands this better than Gale Hayman, co-founder of the famed Giorgio Beverly Hills Boutique on Rodeo Drive and style and image consultant to some of Hollywood’s most well-known stars.  This legacy of ageless beauty is the inspiration for the Gale Hayman Beverly Hills Skincare Collection.

Basic skin care from Gale Hayman is anything but basic.  With her characteristic attention to detail Gale has created a line of products that are not only multi-purpose but address the smallest beauty details.  Enduring beauty starts with attention to detail.

For women looking for real options to Botox and cosmetic surgery, Gale Hayman’s specialized skin care has raised the bar for advanced skin care.  Developed by doctors and scientists, Gale Hayman’s specialized and natural skin care delivers astonishing results in 14 days or less.

Finally, immediate results are the workhorse of the Gale Hayman brand.  Delivering the appearance of a facelift in as little as three minutes, the Youth Lift products are truly instant lifts for the face and eyes as well as the spirit.