Training Sheets and Manuals

You’ll find invaluable information in the Training Manual.  The Training Manual provides details on how to demonstrate and sell products, do get-togethers, sponsor, etc.  It’s full of fabulous scripts!  And, for products, we’ve listed the features and benefits.  Knowing the products and what they can do is essential to successfully build your business.  Selected documents are published in PDF format, viewing them requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader

Welcome and Getting A Quick Start

Color Me Beautiful and Adrien Arpel

Flori Roberts

The History of Our Brands

Discount, Free Product, Profit and Commissions

Ignite Your Business

1.0 – Placing Orders / Using Your Color Me Direct Website

1.1 Placing Orders Color Me Beautiful  Flori Roberts

1.2 Color Me Direct

2.0 – Understanding And Selling Product

2.1 Understanding Skin and Defining Skin Types (PDF) Color Me Beautiful Flori Roberts

2.2 Demonstrating and Selling Skin Care  Color Me Beautiful   Flori Roberts

2.3 Demonstrating and Selling Makeup  Color Me Beautiful   Flori Roberts

2.4 Using The 4 Season Drapes (PDF)  Color Me Beautiful

2.4 Using The 4 Season Drapes (New) Using Your New 4 Season Drapes 2017

3.0 – Finding Clients And The Selling Process

3.1 Prospecting: Introduce and Invite

3.2 Booking and Setting Appointments

3.3 Host Coaching

3.4 Beauty Hours

3.5 Managing Your Repeat Business

4.0 – Being Rewarded For Developing Your Team

4.1 Career Plan Overview

4.2 Leadership Earning Potential

4.3 Sponsoring and Leadership

4.4 Career Plan (PDF)

5.0 – Policies and Procedures

5.1 Policies and Procedures

Product Training Sheets

Product Training Manuals 

Arpel Complete Product Training Manual 2020

CMB Complete Product Training Manual 2020

Flori Roberts Complete Product Training Manual

Gale Hayman Complete Product Training Manual

Career Kit Training Sheets

Arpel Skincare Career Pack Training Sheet– Updated, effective 1/7/20

Color Me Beautiful Color Career Kit Training Sheet – Updated, effective 1/7/20

Flori Roberts Skincare Career Kit Training Sheet – Updated, effective 7/9/19

Flori Roberts Color Career Kit Training Sheet – Updated, effective 7/9/19

Selected documents are published in PDF format, viewing them requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Click here if you need to download and install Acrobat Reader.