Exciting Changes

Colormedirect.biz is the Consultant Only Wholesale Shopping Site

  • The shopping site for Consultants to place inventory and Sales Aides orders is Colormedirect.biz. Simply visit the site and click on register, create a password and you are ready to shop.

Higher Discounts For Ordering Inventory

  • The discounts for Inventory Consultants are as follows: Up to $300- 30% off. $500 to $999.99-52% off.  $1,000 to $1999.99- 54% off. $2000 to $2999.990 – 56% off. $3000 and above- 60% off.

Other Ordering Options

  • Consultants can also order products on our brand sites (colormebeautiful.com and floriroberts.com) and use the promo codes that offer 25% off up to 50% off. Be sure to sign up to receive emails on each of the brand sites to stay on top of the sales and promotional offerings.

Consultants Can Now Use The Brand Sites As A Shopping Site For Your Customers

  • In lieu of the replicated shopping site previously known as colormedirect.com/your name, all Consultants need to have their own Free customized affiliate link.  This affiliate link can be shared anywhere and allows customers to shop easily.  
  • As the Consultant, you receive 30% or 40% commission monthly via Paypal. The affiliate link is designed to track to you for sales credit and commissions.   Once you send the link out to a potential client and the client shops on your link, the client is connected to you as long as you are in the business. Each Consultant must request their FREE Affiliate Link if one has not been assigned previously by emailing sboone@colorme.com.  If you have already signed up, no action is necessary other than sharing your link! Be sure to use your affiliate link each time you shop on one of our brand sites and share your link with the customers that shop online. If you have questions or need help, contact Consultant Services @ 703-259-0371 or Sharon @ 703-259-0324.

New Affiliate Links and Shopify

  • In late 2022, we switched over to the Shopify shopping platform for our brand websites to improve the customer shopping experience. As a result of moving to Shopify, we have updated the affiliate links to use only the /your name instead of ?ref=yourname. If you were previously assigned your affiliate link with the ?ref=, we have updated your link. If you never signed up for your link, simply contact customer service @consultantinfo@colorme.com or sboone@colorme.com to request your link.

Staying Active

  • The active qualifications are now $100 a month. Your contact information will show on the locator as a benefit of being active.   We see this change as a way to get more people engaged, consistent and hopefully staying active.  We also see this change as one that makes it easier for leaders to advance in rank and earn higher commissions as a result.  This is the only change to our Career Plan.

Sales Reporting Changes

  • In lieu of the Back Office that you paid for in the past, Consultants can receive weekly reports direct to your email address that show orders from clients and any inventory orders placed from the previous week for a $5 per month subscription fee.  Consultants with ranks of Sr. Consultant and above who subscribe to the reports will receive weekly sales reports that include personal sales and team sales for everyone.  Consultants and Leaders excluding Directors and above will need to combine the reports from each week on one document or total each week to see your numbers for the month.
  • The totals on the weekly reports for Consultant and At Your Service orders show the retail volume and the amount paid. For commission purposes, Consultants are paid on the amount paid on At Your Service (AYS) orders. For Consultant orders (CON), commissions are paid on 50% of the retail dollars shown on your report.
  • To receive your weekly business reports, please complete this Buisness Report Enrollment Form and send in to Consultantinfo@colorme.com.

Email consultantinfo@colorme.com or sboone@colorme.com with any questions.