August Changes

August 1st Is The Beginning Of Some Exciting New Changes

  • As of August 1st, a new site will be available for Consultants to place inventory and Sales Aides orders.  The name of the site and other details will be announced  later. You will keep your same Consultant ID and create a new password when the site is ready to be used. 

Discounts,Ordering and Free Product Changes

  • We are increasing the discounts for Inventory Consultants as follows:  $500 to $999.99-52%   $1,000 to $1999.99- 54%  $2000 to $2999.990 – 56%  and $3000 and above- 60%
  • Consultants ordering less than $500 will place orders on the brand site and receive the discount and specials as offered, which are no less than 25% and can go as high as 35%.  Promo codes will be regularly communicated to ensure you are receiving the best offer available.
  • Free Product at the $300 or higher is being eliminated as of 8/1/2020.   Why?  We need to streamline our processes and reduce the exceptions that cause orders not to flow smoothly through our systems.  We are increasing the discounts to help offset some of this.

Customer Ordering Changes

  • In lieu of the replicated shopping site affectionately known as name, all Consultants need to have their own Free customized affiliate link.  This affiliate link can be shared anywhere and allows customers to shop easily.  As the Consultant, you receive 30% or 40% commission.  The affiliate link is designed to  track to you for sales credit.   After 45 days of inactivity (no clicks) the affiliate link becomes inactive.  It’s easy to reactivate by sharing it again.  Each Consultant must sign up to receive their FREE Affiliate Link by going to  If you have already signed up, no action is necessary other than sharing your link!

Staying Active Changes

  • The active qualifications will no longer be $300 every 90 days as of 8/1.  $100 a month will be the new active requirement.  Your contact information will show on the locator as a benefit of being active.   We see this change as a way to get more people engaged, consistent and hopefully staying active.  We also see this change as one that makes it easier for leaders to advance in rank and earn higher commissions as a result.  This is the only change to our Career Plan.

Sales Reporting Changes

  • In lieu of the Back Office that you currently pay $11.95 or $12.95 for, Consultants will receive weekly reports direct to your email address that show orders from clients and any inventory orders placed from the previous week for a $5 per month subscription fee.  Consultants with ranks of Sr. Consultant and above who subscribe to the reports will receive weekly sales reports that include personal sales and team sales for everyone.  Consultants and Leaders excluding Directors and above will need to combine the reports from each week on one document or total each week to see your numbers for the month.
  • The totals on the weekly reports reflect commissionable volume and not retail.  To determine the retail on Consultant orders only, multiply the total by 2.  All AYS sales shown are the retail which is what the customer paid. 
  • To receive your weekly business reports, please complete this Buisness Report Enrollment Form and send in to

Action Items For Consultants Currently Subscribed to Firestorm

Pull your customer and Consultant information and save it.  We will offer assistance with those currently with a subscription who need help pulling their records. Be sure to cancel your subscription once you have copied and saved your customer and team information.

To cancel your Firestorm subscription, check for your next Firestorm Bill Date by logging into your back office, select Main Menu, then Back Office Subscription. Cancel at least 2-3 business days prior to your billing date to avoid the possibility of being charged.  If your billing date has passed, cancel before the next one is scheduled.

Email with questions