“Color Me Direct For Independent Success”

Subscription Fee: $11.95 a month ($12.95 for TEXAS based Consultants because of sales tax)

Great News!!! The features and functions are ready for you to use immediately so begin to enjoy them. The Instructions document has been updated too and is your training manual. Enjoy features like:

  • Entering orders in a fraction of the time (Expert Mode)
  • Ordering testers
  • Submitting Customer Service issues (Trouble Tickets) and tracking their resolution online
  • Managing Emails to individuals or groups
  • Setting up and managing a Recurring Order (easy to set up, convenience of automatic processing of the order on the same day of month you specify)

In addition, you’ll find features on your personal home page for your customers to view like an e-catalog.

Please log on as soon as possible to activate your accounts so that your customers can continue to enjoy the ease of shopping online and you will have access to all of the system’s wonderful features. Here’s how:

  1. Go to your ColormeDirect log in page.

2. You will see a page with a link for activating your account.

3. You should enter all of your information online as requested, including the method of payment (Mastercard, Visa, American Express & Discover)

4. Your account will be charged on the same date each month until you cancel your subscription.

As new Consultants join CMB, they will have FREE access to Colormedirect for their first 30 days before their billing will begin. So, please use this as the incentive that it is for helping your Consultants get started correctly and quickly.

  • If a Consultant was sponsored in the last 30 days, they will receive a prorated FREE trial period. (i.e., If they were sponsored on March 15, their FREE trial won’t expire until April 15 which is when they will need to activate their subscription with payment.
  • We are making changes to the links/language on the page your customers will see should they attempt to log in prior to you activating your account.
  • To cancel a subscription, please send an email to: consultantinfo@colorme.com. Your cancellation must be received at least 5 business days prior to your automatic payment date to avoid extending your subscription an additional month. Once charged, there are no refunds on fees paid.
  • In the case of credit card declines due to unavailable funds or credit card expirations, the system will automatically generate an email to you advising that you will need to manually activate your account. Until you do so, please note that your account will be inactive and your customers will be unable to shop with you online.

Please advise if you have any questions and PASS THESE INSTRUCTIONS ON TO ALL OF YOUR TEAM MEMBERS to ensure they activate their accounts as well.

Cancellation requests must be received at least 5 days prior to your renewal date to cancel it for the next month. Partial month cancellations are not acceptable. Click here to cancel.