I Believe In Pink

Everything Pink is at a special price of 10% off the regular retail price before discount to our Consultants and Kiosks.

“I Believe In Pink” Eyes

FR Coming up Roses  and Purple Pink Loose Mineral Eye Shadow- Regular Price- $16.50- Sale Price- $14.85

CMB Cotton Candy Single Eyeshadow- Regular Price-$13.50 Sale Price- $12.15

Ballerina Pink Single Eyeshadow-Regular Price-$13.50 Sale Price- $12.15

Pink a boo Loose Mineral Eyeshadow-Regular Price-$14.50 Sale Price- $13.05

Tickled Pink Loose Mineral Eyeshadow-Sale Price-Regular Price-$14.50 Sale Price- $13.05

“I Believe In Pink” Lips-  Regular Price $15.00

Hot to Trot Lipstick- Sale Price- $13.50

Fierce Lipstick- Sale Price- $13.50

Magenta Lip Gloss- Sale Price- $13.50

Orchid Lip Gloss- Sale Price- $13.50

Cerise Lipstick- Sale Price- $13.50

Joy Lipstick- Sale Price- $13.50

Glam Lipstick- Sale Price-$13.50

Frosted Watermelon- Sale Price- $13.50

Dusty Rose Lipstick- Sale Price- $13.50

Pink Shell Lip gloss- Sale Price- $13.50

Alfresco Lip gloss- Sale Price- $13.50

“I Believe In Pink” Matte Lips-  Regular Price $21.00

Selfie All Nighter Matte Liquid Lips- $18.90

“I Believe In Pink” Cheeks

CMB Cedar Rose Blush- Regular Price- $17.00  Sale Price- $15.30

CMB Soft Plum Blush- Regular Price- $17.00  Sale Price $15.30

Rio Blush- Regular Price- $17.00  Sale Price- $15.30

“I Believe In Pink” Nails

Kiss My Hibiscus Nail Enamel-Regular Retail- $10.00 Sale Price $9.00